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For the past twelve years, we have educated, engaged and empowered young people to be confident and take charge of their future.

A recent assessment by Adel Consultant and Company concluded that our services and programs are transforming lives of young people. Young people agree that they have built relationships, learned new skills and are more confident. Teacher reported their students are more engage and confident.

  • 90% of our youth develop the ability to set goals and follow through
  • 87% believe that they are ready to make a difference in other young people’s lives
  • 92% feel that they have learned skills that are transferable to their future
  • 82% are volunteering and giving back to their community
  • 91% learned safety skills that will help in their home, school, work and community.

Our alumni feel they have:

  • Developed greater self-confidence and other skills that lead to academic success
  • Developed a stronger sense of their identity.
  • Gained new perspective on how education can lead to a career
  • Continue to take action in ways that create the change that will make our world a better place

Our Clients

Young people and seniors are what we are about: we also believe that to build a stronger generation we must include families, businesses, and individuals. Our programming model is a vehicle where everyone is welcome to journey with us.