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FFACS Youth Crime Prevention Program was developed to provide individuals and groups with knowledge and resources to reduce crime in their community.

FFACS works closely with the Peel Regional Police to foster more positive interactions between police and the community they serve. The FFACS program is designed to reduce the number of negative youth interactions with police across the region to equip them with tools to promote community safety and to facilitate positive relationships with police officers and youth who aspire to become police officers themselves. Youth learn about alternatives to violence and skills such as conflict management and resolution which facilitate safer schools, homes, and communities. Youth are taught how crime affects their families and their communities and are empowered to effect positive change in themselves and their community through non-violence.

The program is an in-school/out-of-school youth development intervention that has proven to be extremely effective in preventing violence among youth. Based on traditional values such as family, learning from natural respect, spiritual and community awareness, and service to others. The program approach is positive, and strengths based.

The program seeks to reduce negative attitudes/behaviors by helping youth develop a positive self-concept, effective social interaction skills, a community service ethic, an internal locus of control, and decision-making/problem-solving skills.

The central components of the program include classroom-based activities conducted across the school year; weekly after-school, weekend community, and summer skill-building experiential and challenging activities; immersion summer adventure sport and recreation building team spirit; and community-oriented service learning and service leadership projects throughout the year. Youth also get hands-on experience working with an expert in their respective field.

For more information, please forward a copy of your resume to us at [email protected] or call 905-499-4486.