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FFACS Apprenticeship program a partnership program with ministry of labour. It is a unique, voluntary training through which individuals acquire trade and craft skills and knowledge. Training combines daily on-the-job instruction in manipulative skills with periodic classroom (related) instruction in technical subjects related to work requirements.

The training design provides for learning all required practical and theoretical skills and knowledge for the chosen skilled occupation. Practical aspects of work are mastered on the job as apprentices are rotated through all phases of their particular occupations.

Theoretical aspects of work are mastered during related subjects’ instruction in the classroom. Related instruction continues throughout the apprenticeship term and provides an opportunity to consider, in depth, the underlying principles of job activities. This arrangement of on-the job and classroom instruction is a standard part of typical apprenticeship indenturing agreements.

We work with companies and individuals to ensure they are employability and guarantees competent workers for industry by providing for learning the complete range of skills and knowledge during training.

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